Con Safos: The Brown Buffalo Magazine (No. 7). Oscar Zeta Acosta.
Con Safos: The Brown Buffalo Magazine (No. 7)
Con Safos: The Brown Buffalo Magazine (No. 7)
Con Safos: The Brown Buffalo Magazine (No. 7)
Con Safos: The Brown Buffalo Magazine (No. 7)

The Chicano Fear and Loathing

Con Safos: The Brown Buffalo Magazine (No. 7)

Notes: Issue 7 of this important Los Angeles Chicano literary magazine with the first appearance of portions of what would become Oscar "Zeta" Acosta's counterculture memoir, "Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo." Acosta, a Chicano lawyer, was immortalized by Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, where Acosta is thinly disguised as Thompson's "Samoan" attorney.

The 13-page extract, printed here about the time that "Rolling Stone" began publishing excerpts from Fear and Loathing, describes how Acosta, drifting through the Western United States, ran into Thompson in an Aspen bar and began a drunken, drug-addled debauch: "During the following week, into the new year, I remained constantly and consistently drunk and stoned to the point that it is now impossible to recall any of the events," but that didn't stop Acosta from writing about his experiences.

At one point, he and Thompson took up arms: "We dropped more acid and decided to get serious... We went to his house, got a teargas bomb and a six foot bow with steel arrows. We returned to town, went to the Daisy Duck and dared anyone to fuck with us, carefully placing the bomb and bow in front of us."

Con Safos, a Chicano and literary magazine, lasted eight issues. In addition to the long Acosta piece, this issue includes an essay by Rubén Salazar that had run in the Los Angeles Times, translations of poems by Sor Juana de la Cruz, an essay on Chicano art by Gilberto Sanchez Luján, and other writings and artwork.

64 pages. 8-1/4 by 10-1/2 inches.

Edition + Condition: A near fine copy.

Publication: Los Angeles: Con Safos Literary Group, 1971.

Item No: #10271


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