Item No: #10753 I Am Joaquín: An Epic Poem. Rodolfo Gonzales.
I Am Joaquín: An Epic Poem.
I Am Joaquín: An Epic Poem.

I Am Joaquín: An Epic Poem.

Notes: This powerful epic poem, in parallel English and Spanish versions, was the literary manifesto for the Chicano movement. It was widely read and performed during the late 1960s and early 1970s, bringing together literature and politics, the hallmark of Chicano political movements for many years thereafter. The book was widely popular and was most likely reprinted many times with no indication of later printings. Illustrated by Yermo Vasquez.

6-1/4 by 9-1/4 inches. 20 pages.

Edition + Condition: Probably dating from the 1970s or the 1980s. The first printing was mimeographed; that was followed by a photocopied edition; and then this printed version in silver wrappers (there was also a Bantam massmarket paperback, illustrated with photographs. Of the earliest of these printed editions, the earliest copies probably referred to the "struggle of the Chicano" on the back cover. This version, probably the most common version, replaces Chicano with "Mexican-American." An edition that was available in the 1990s had the title in red on the front cover; a reference to "Mexican-American" on the back cover, and a half-length portrait of the author (the other printed versions have a head-and-shoulders author portrait.

Spine rubbed, thus very good.

Publication: (N.-pl.): (n.p.), (1967).

Item No: #10753

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