La ciudad y los perros. Bertha Caluff Pagés, Enelio Suárez, text.
La ciudad y los perros
La ciudad y los perros

La ciudad y los perros

Notes: Horizontal pergamino (folded broadside or plegable). 37 by 9-3/4 inches, unfolded. Edition size not noted.

In the 1980s, many of the items produced by Ediciones Vigía were announcements for events in Matanzas. This is a particularly elaborate example, with the thick Kraft paper extending nearly a meter in length. Glued on to the back is a mimeographed text composed of several sheets connected so as to appear continuous.

This piece announces an exhibition of art work by Enelio Suárez, a young artist from Matanzas who was studying in Havana. Suárez was a graffiti artist who painted his work on cardboard for the show. Perhaps as one might expect from a young, male graffiti artist, the illustration for this announcement is deliberately provocative: the long weiner dog whose body winds through the text is shown ejaculating.

The Illustrations are handcolored. A list of exhibited works is affixed to the back (verso) of the announcement.

OCLC: No holdings

Edition + Condition: Very good.

Publication: Matanzas, Cuba: Ediciones Vigía, 1988.

Item No: #306689

Price: $350