United We Win. Alexander Liberman, photographer.

Anti-Racist WWII Poster

United We Win

Notes: One of perhaps a dozen World War Two propaganda posters promoting the participation of African Americans in the war effort. This poster depicts an African American man working alongside a white man in a factory with an American flag above. 22 by 28 inches. OWI poster no. 38.

The National Archives contextualizes this poster like this: "During World War II, racial restriction and segregation were facts of life in the U.S. military. Nevertheless, an overwhelming majority of African Americans participated wholeheartedly in the fight against the Axis powers. They did so, however, with an eye toward ending racial discrimination in American society. This objective was expressed in the call, initiated in the black press for the "Double V"—victory over fascism abroad and over racism at home. The government was well aware of the demoralizing effects of racial prejudice on the American population and its impact on the war effort. Consequently, it promoted posters, pamphlets, and films highlighting the participation and achievement of African Americans in military and civilian life."

Edition + Condition: A bright example with a very short edge tear and a tiny area of separation at the center fold.

Publication: Washington DC: Office of War Information, 1943.

Item No: #306814


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