Our Catholic Heritage in Texas, 1519–1936 (Complete in 7 Volumes). Carlos E. Castañeda.
Our Catholic Heritage in Texas, 1519–1936 (Complete in 7 Volumes)
Our Catholic Heritage in Texas, 1519–1936 (Complete in 7 Volumes)

The Definitive History of Texas Under Spain and Mexico

Our Catholic Heritage in Texas, 1519–1936 (Complete in 7 Volumes)

Notes: The most thorough history of Texas in the Spanish period, with the first six volumes devoted to the period from Alonso Alvarez de Pineda's mapping of the Texas coastline in 1519 to Texas independence in 1836. The seventh volume is a history of the Catholic Church in Texas from 1836 to 1950.

"The best history of the three centuries of Spanish and Mexican Texas and the first detailed account of literally dozens of expeditions and settlements in Texas.... Opens up a world of entirely new history for the Big Bend region and for South Texas and provides by far the most complete account of the missions in the San Antonio-Goliad region and in East Texas. For a period of history in Texas once thought to have been virtually barren except for scattered desultory expeditions, Castañeda shows us a Texas 'throbbing with activity'"—Basic Texas Books 27.

Castañeda (1896–1958) was one of the leading historians of Texas of his era, in part because as a native Spanish speaker, he could thoroughly tackle the original source documents and as a devout Catholic, he had a deep cultural understanding of the Spanish explorers and settlers. But as a Mexican American, he struggled throughout his career for equal rites. As his biographer notes, few people have considered "Castañeda's incredible struggle to overcome serious financial barriers and ethnic discrimination that threatened his ambition of becoming a university teacher and historian" (see Almaráz, Knight Without Armor).

Uncommon as a complete set, as it was issued over a 22-year period.

Edition + Condition: All volumes very good or better with light shelf wear.

Publication: Austin: Von Boeckmann-Jones Company, 1936–1958.

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