Viewpoint, September 27, 1944 (Vol. I, no. 16). Civilian Public Service, William E. Stafford.
Viewpoint, September 27, 1944 (Vol. I, no. 16)

Viewpoint, September 27, 1944 (Vol. I, no. 16)

Notes: An issue of a periodical published by men in the Civilian Public Service (CPS), the work camp program for conscientious objectors during the Second World War. This journal was put out by the Pacifist Information Center at CPS 51 in Fort Steilacoom, which happened to be a mental hospital (the conscientious objectors staffed the hospital).

Where there was space at the bottom of a page, it was filled with short bios of some of the COs. William E. Stafford, who was later the US Poet Laureate, has a five-line profile on page 7: "Plans to enter the field of teaching or journalism after CPS."

16 pages. 7 by 8-1/2 inches. Mimeographed.

Edition + Condition: Old fold for mailing, with a postage stamp placed across the fold to hold it close. Stamp now separated into two pieces.

Publication: Fort Steilacoom, WA: Pacifist Information Center, 1944.

Item No: #306915