Remembering the Yellow Journal. Hal Z. Bennett, Zina.
Remembering the Yellow Journal

Scarce Novel by an African American Writer

Remembering the Yellow Journal

Notes: An early draft of a novel—to date never commercially published—circulated to friends of the author. Bennett (who also wrote under several pseudonyms) is an African American Korean War vet who published a number of novels and non-fiction books while living as an expatriate in Mexico.

This is a first person narrative told from the perspective of a writer, with surreal or fantastic elements.

"Taken together, Bennett's novels constitute an extended saga of post-World War II African American life and a disturbing and satirical vision of the underside of American society"—Concise Oxford Companion to African American Literature.

94 leaves, printed on rectos (front side) only. 8-1/2 by 11 inches, tape-bound into green cardstock colors with a hand-colored label.

OCLC records one copy of another version of this book (77 pages) and no copies of this edition.

Edition + Condition: First edition (preceding the edition recorded in OCLC?). Very good in tape-bound wrappers. Inscribed in January 1978 to a previous owner.

Publication: (N.-pl.): (the author), 1978.

Item No: #307335

Price: $200