Sapatq'ayn [Sapatqayn]: Twentieth Century Nez Perce Artists. P. Y. Minthorn, introduction.
Sapatq'ayn [Sapatqayn]: Twentieth Century Nez Perce Artists

Signed by Nine Artists

Sapatq'ayn [Sapatqayn]: Twentieth Century Nez Perce Artists

Notes: A catalog for an exhibition of twenty Native American artists, working in both traditional mediums as well as European art forms, like painting. Each artist is represented with one work depicted in color, along with a photograph of the artist and a brief biography.

Edition + Condition: First edition (first printing, hardcover issue; the book was issued simultaneously in paperback as well). A fine copy in a fine dust jacket. This copy is signed by several of the artists, including Rose Frank (beadwork), John A. Grant (painting), Gary Greene (painting), Doug Hyde (sculpture), Kevin Peters (painting), Hollyanna Pinkham (found-object sculpture), Audrey Redheart (beadwork), Leroy Seth (painting), and John Seven Wilson III (painting)

Publication: Seattle, WA: Northwest Interpretive Association and Confluence Press, 1991.

ISBN: 0917652959

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