El bar americano en España. Pedro Chicote.
El bar americano en España
El bar americano en España

Early Cocktail Book from Spain

El bar americano en España

Notes: One of the first cocktail books published in Spain, issued at a time when American-style cocktail bars were becoming popular (ironically, this was during Prohibition when actual American bars had mostly disappeared). Like much of cocktail history, that of "Perico" (parakeet) Chicote (1899–1977) is clouded by myth and legend. Apparently he began working in bars at a young age; according to the introduction of this book, in 1922 he was a soldier in Morocco, serving drinks on the side. He opened his own place in 1931, the Bar Chicote (now the Chicote Museum). You can google him and decide what else you want to believe.

This book includes a short dictionary of spirits, which for 1927 is remarkably international, including pulque, vodka, and me(s)cal, beverages little known in the US at the time, as well as regional European specialties like lerina (something like chartreuse, I think), secrestat, and kvass.

The cocktails, including sections on flips, punches, toddies, sours, slings, etc., tend toward the sweet and aromatic, with lots of curacao, maraschino, vermouth, and sherry. Quite a few drinks call for egg yolks.

Prologue by Gregorio Corrochano. 164 pages plus a few liquor ads at the front and back. Not illustrated.

Edition + Condition: First edition (first printing). A very good copy in a very good looking dust jacket which has been laid down on (backed with) stiff paper. Judging from the condition of the jacket, this repair probably wasn't necessary, but it does make the book considerably less fragile. Uncommon in jacket.

Publication: Madrid: Sucesores de Rivadeneyra, 1927.

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