The Ants of the Baltic Amber. William Morton Wheeler.

Inscribed by One of the Great Myrmecologists

The Ants of the Baltic Amber

Notes: This paper is one of those remarkable feats of species identification. Wheeler, one of the leading experts in myrmecology (a term Wheeler coined), or the science of ants, examined 9527 specimens of ants preserved in amber. He identified 21 new genera and 40 new species.

66 figures of drawings of ants. 142 pages.

Edition + Condition: First edition (first printing). A very good copy (small chip to the back cover). This copy is inscribed (but not signed) to Reginald Daly, a Canadian geologist: "Prof. Reginald Daly with the author's kindest regards." This copy is also signed on the front cover by Percy E. Raymond, a leading expert on trilobites and the Burgess Shale. This copy was then owned by Stephen Jay Gould, whose book Wonderful Life was about the Burgess Shale.

A posthumous bookplate denoting this as coming from Gould's library is laid in.

Publication: Leipzig und Berlin: Bei B. G. Teubner, 1914.

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