Item No: #307954 Sterkfontein Ape-man Plesianthropus [cover title]. R. Broom, J. T. Robinson, G. W. H. Schepers, Robert.
Sterkfontein Ape-man Plesianthropus [cover title]
Sterkfontein Ape-man Plesianthropus [cover title]

Inscribed by Robert Broom

Sterkfontein Ape-man Plesianthropus [cover title]

Notes: A follow-up work on Plesianthropus transvaalensis (now classified as Australopithecus africanus), including the famous "Mrs. Ples" skull, by the men who discovered them in 1936.

The book includes two separate papers published as Transvaal Museum Memoir No. 4. Part I: Further Evidence of the Structure of the Sterkfontein Ape-man Plesianthropus by Robert Broom and J. T. Robinson; Part II: The Brain Casts of the Recently Discovered Plesianthropus Skulls by G. W. H. Schepers.

117 pages.

Edition + Condition: First edition (first printing). Covers irregularly faded at the spine, else a very good copy in the publisher's blue cloth. This copy is inscribed by Broom to the British geologist Thomas Stanley Westoll. "Prof. Stanley Westoll with the kind regards of R. Broom."

This copy was subsequently in the collection of the paleontologist and evolutionary theorist Stephen Jay Gould, with a posthumous bookplate denoting the provenance mounted on the front pastedown.

Publication: Pretoria, South Africa [printed in Johannesburg]: Transvaal Museum, [n.d. but ca. 1949].

Item No: #307954