Falling Upward. Ray Bradbury.
Falling Upward

Scarce Play Signed by Bradbury

Falling Upward

Notes: The published script for this play, set in an Irish pub and inspired by Bradbury's visit to Ireland during the production of the film of Moby Dick. It premiered in Los Angeles in 1988.

56 pages.

Edition + Condition: Published plays issued for performances are notoriously difficult to identify as first editions, as they are often printed in small numbers and reprinted without any notice. This would appear to be an early edition, with no indications of post-1988 publications. It is also likely to have been one of Bradbury's own copies, presented to a friend and collector late in his life when his handwriting was very shaky and he started putting a thumbprint on books. "Tom! Celia! [thumbprint] Love, Ray Bradbury. Jan 3, [indecipherable]." The date looks like 2000 but must be 2008 or after.

A scarce book signed.

Publication: Woodstock, IL: The Dramatic Publishing Company, 1988.

Item No: #308377


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