Slaughterhouse-Five (First Draft Screenplay). Stephen Geller, Kurt Vonnegut, screenplay, novel.
Slaughterhouse-Five (First Draft Screenplay)

52 Pages Longer Than the Final Draft

Slaughterhouse-Five (First Draft Screenplay)

Notes: Production number 00114. 188 leaves; two identical title leaves; screenplay text numbered 1–140, 140a, 140b, 141–186. The final script for the movie was 134 leaves, meaning this version has 52 pages that were cut by the time George Roy Hill started directing the action. This is an early draft of this adaptation of Vonnegut's science fiction anti-war novel, which magnificently weaves together the Dresden firebombing during the Second World War, optometry, time travel, and space aliens. And so it goes.

Of course, the film never uses Vonnegut's catchphrase, employed whenever someone dies in the novel, which is often. It appears that the decision to leave it out of the film was made even in this first draft (your lazy cataloguer did not read the whole screenplay, but if Billy Pilgirm says "so it goes", I couldn't find it). Instead, Geller uses the phrase to replace the traditional "THE END: "The images are completely gone. What remains is the most insanely beautiful color pattern. Which is the way it should be. 'SO IT GOES'."

Edition + Condition: Original mechanically reproduced studio screenplay. A very good copy in somewhat grubby wrappers. "Montana 146" inked on first title leaf. There is a one-inch tear in the margin of the first leaf of the actual script. The script is mostly printed on light green paper, but the color stock varies somewhat. None of the different color leaves have new dates and the color difference is relatively slight, progressing from light green to gray to light yellow.

Publication: Universal City: Universal Studios, March 25, 1970.

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Price: $1,250

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