Item No: #35488 Lincoln. Xhevat Kallajxhi.

First Albanian American Bio of Lincoln


Notes: A biography of Abraham Lincoln written in Albanian. The author (1904–1989) was an Albanian Sufi Muslim journalist who emigrated to the US after World War Two. He worked for the Albanian section of the Voice of America and in retirement wrote several books (this seems to have been his first) and edited an Albanian-American newspaper. While he lived mostly in Washington, DC, Kallajxhi was very active with the Sufi community in Michigan. An interesting footnote to the perennial interest in Lincoln.

80 pages. Kallajxhi's biographical details are from Huseyin Abiva's translation of Kallajxhi's "Bektashism...."

Edition + Condition: First edition (first printing). Very good in wrappers (paperback).

Publication: New York: Waldon Press, 1961.

Item No: #35488

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