Item No: #361869 Truth Zone [1–24]. Simon Hanselmann.
Truth Zone [1–24]

By the Author of Megahex

Truth Zone [1–24]

Notes: A semi-authorized bootleg reprinting the first 24 installments of Hanselmann's one-page comic series made for the only comics journal, Comics Workbook. Color laserprinted and bound into yellow paper covers.

Hanselmann is the author of the acclaimed Megahex, a graphic novel on NPR's list of the best works in the genre. "Hanselmann's gorgeously funky, low-fi, slyly psychedelic art pulls a lot of this weirdly charming strip's weight."

24 leaves (printed on one side only). This copy has black tape on the spine; there were also copies with silver tape and no tape.

No copies recorded in OCLC.

Edition + Condition: First (only) edition. A near fine copy.

Publication: (N.-pl.): Comics Workbook, [2012].

Item No: #361869