Item No: #362004 Clinical Coordination of Anatomy and Physiology. Miné Okubo, Martha Pitel, Mildred Schellig, text.
Clinical Coordination of Anatomy and Physiology
Clinical Coordination of Anatomy and Physiology
Clinical Coordination of Anatomy and Physiology

Medical Textbook Illustrated by Miné Okubo

Clinical Coordination of Anatomy and Physiology

Notes: An introductory medical textbook, illustrated by the author of Citizen 13660.

After publishing her illustrated internment memoir (and proto-graphic novel) Citizen 13660 in 1946, Miné Okubo found occasional work as a commercial artist. Here she provides anatomical drawings in a much looser style than the usual technical drawings in textbooks.

Okubo (1912–2001), was born in Riverside, California, the daughter of Japanese immigrants. She graduated with an art degree from UC Berkeley in the late 1930s, and her career became defined by the Second World War. She won a fellowship to study art in Europe, a sojourn that was cut short by the outbreak of war. Back in the US, she joined the Works Progress Administration doing public art in the San Francisco Bay Area. Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, she was interned at Topaz where she taught art and illustrated the camp's literary journal. That work ultimately led to Fortune magazine hiring her as an illustrator, which allowed her to be paroled to the East Coast. Shortly after the war, she published Citizen 13660, an illustrated account of internment. She gave up illustration work in the early 1960s and drifted into obscurity, painting for herself and a few patrons. Her work was rediscovered in the 1980s when a new edition of Citizen 13660 won an American Book Award.

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Edition + Condition: First edition (first printing). Spine tanned, thus very good in the original wrappers. An uncommon Okubo-illustrated book.

Publication: New York: Springer Publishing, 1959.

Item No: #362004

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