Item No: #362103 Fiesta de Los Angeles Poster. M. E. Curran, Mary Eleanor.
Fiesta de Los Angeles Poster
Fiesta de Los Angeles Poster

19th Century LA Poster

Fiesta de Los Angeles Poster

Notes: A lovely art nouveau–inspired, California-themed poster for the fourth Fiesta de Los Angeles, a multi-ethnic annual celebration of the City of the Angels. This poster, an early work by the California artist Mary Eleanor Curran would seem to be Snow White surrounded by the California poppy (the state flower), if it didn't predate the Walt Disney Co.'s creation by four decades.

Posters from Los Angeles in the 19th century are few and far between, almost as uncomon as posters of the era designed by women.

"Born in Indiana on Aug. 10, 1868. Curran moved to San Francisco in 1884 and studied at the School of Design. She then settled in Los Angeles into a studio in the Blanchard Bldg. She issued a series of handmade Christmas cards (1908–11) and was active in the local art scene until her death in Hollywood on Nov. 1, 1930."—Eden Hughes, Artists in California. Curran also designed bookplates.

20-1/8 by 27-3/4 inches. Lithograph in three colors.

Edition + Condition: A fine example, with full margins, linen backed. A beautiful example of a scarce and significant poster.

Publication: Los Angeles: Charles Strong Walton / Los Angeles Lithographic Company, 1896.

Item No: #362103