Item No: #362186 Obscenity and the Arts. Anthony Burgess.
Obscenity and the Arts
Obscenity and the Arts

Nobel Prize Winner on Obscenity, Printed in Malta

Obscenity and the Arts

Notes: Once of the scarcest of Burgess's books, a chapbook printing of his lecture to the Malta Library Association in June 1970. The text is based on a transcription of a tape recording, corrected by the author.

Burgess and his wife moved to Malta in 1968; the Maltese government confiscated and burned 47 of the Burgesses' books on the grounds they were obscene. Burgess protested and gave this speech exploring the ideas of obscenity and pornography. In response to giving this lecture, Malta confiscated the Burgesses' house.

The text of this talk was not published again until 2018. In a review of that edition in the Guardian, Louise Rhind-Tutt, wrote, "Obscenity & the Arts is based around tumultuous events 50 years ago that still resound around the world today. Raising questions about pornography, censorship and freedom of speech, it’s a timely work by one of Britain’s most internationally acclaimed authors."

9-1/4 by 7-3/4 inches (oblong). [16] pages.

Edition + Condition: First edition (first printing). Foxing on the front cover; thus very good in stapled wrappers.

Publication: Valletta, Malta: Malta Library Association, 1973.

Item No: #362186

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