Item No: #362377 In These Times. Kurt Vonnegut.
In These Times
In These Times

One of 12 Copies

In These Times

Vonnegut, Kurt

Notes: One of the scarcest Vonnegut publications, collecting six articles by Vonnegut that had appeared in the news commentary magazine In These Times, in 2003. The booklet is spiral-bound, with a clear plastic front cover and a black vinyl back cover. According to the bookseller Ken Lopez, Vonnegut told him that he had made 12 copies for distribution to friends (see Ken Lopez Catalog 158).

The back cover has a large self-portrait drawing by Vonnegut executed in silver Sharpie, as issued.

14 leaves.

Edition + Condition: A fine copy but for pink highlighter on the clear cover accentuating Vonnegut's name. Nicely signed inside a self-portrait drawing by Vonnegut on the back cover. Provenance: Joe Petro III (probably).

NB: There is a photocopied signature on the front cover.

Publication: 2003.

Item No: #362377


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