Item No: #362427 The Texas-Israeli War: 1999. Jake Saunders, Howard Waldrop.
The Texas-Israeli War: 1999

Inscribed Twice by Waldrop

The Texas-Israeli War: 1999

Notes: A massmarket SF novel about Texans who kidnap the American president and end up fighting a war against Israeli soldiers.

Edition + Condition: First edition (stated first printing). A near fine copy, with minor wear to the edges; ownership stamp of Johnny Lee, possibly the country singer, on the inside front cover. This copy is signed twice by Waldrop: "For Johnny Lee, Thanks for the good talks at all the places we've been. Howard Waldrop. Dec. 1, 1974" and then, "Tom, this is now an item. Howard Waldrop. Jan 19, 1992." Uncommon signed.

Publication: New York: Ballantine Books, 1974.

ISBN: 0345241827

Item No: #362427

Price: $75