Licensed Saloon [caption title]

First Rum River, Oregon, Imprint?

Licensed Saloon [caption title]

Notes: Broadside. 8-1/2 by 11-3/4 inches

A warning about the evils of alcohol written from the perspective of a satirical saloon owner who "manufacture[s] drunkards" while enriching himself on money that would otherwise be spent on bread and family.

"At two hours' notice I am able to put husbands in a condition to reel home, break the furniture, beat their wives, and kick their children out of doors."

Woodcut illustration at center. Not recorded in OCLC.

Edition + Condition: A good copy. Edges chipped, light creasefolds, small stains with two-inch tidemark on bottom edge. Text clear.

Publication: Rum River, OR [fictional location]: Judas O'Clarety, [ca. 1900].

Item No: #83

Price: $85