St. Louis Plant Manufactures 6-Ton Bomb

African American Worker During WWII

St. Louis Plant Manufactures 6-Ton Bomb

Notes: Original black-and-white gelatin-silver press photograph, October 31, 1944. 7 by 9 inches.

Captioned on the back on a mounted label: "A worker at the Scullin Steel Co. in St. Louis moves a completed 6-ton 'earthquake bomb' forward on its platform to a freight car." These bombs were manufactured for the British air force for use on hardened German targets during the Second World War.

An usual homefront munitions image.

Edition + Condition: Very good. Some waviness to paper. The print has several areas of professional touch-up work, to remove portions of the background and to increase contrast.

Publication: 1944.

Item No: #305997

Price: $100