Joe Meets the Aliens [Numbered with a Drawing]. Ralph Steadman.
Joe Meets the Aliens [Numbered with a Drawing]
Joe Meets the Aliens [Numbered with a Drawing]

With an Original Ralph Steadman Drawing

Joe Meets the Aliens [Numbered with a Drawing]

Notes: A short account of Steadman's trip to Area 51 with his friend and screenprinter, Joe Petro III. The text appeared in different form in Hooked on the Outdoors (vol. 3, no. 5). Here it has a new introduction as well as color photographs and reproductions of drawings by Steadman.

Out of a total edition of 60 copies, this is one of seven copies, not mentioned on the colophon, that include an original Steadman drawing and are housed in a cloth slipcase. These copies are also signed by Ralph Steadman, his wife Anna Steadman (who also went on the journey), and Joe Petro III. See Burns, Ralph Steadman: A Comprehensive Guide for Collectors, 2nd ed. for information on this issue of the book.

One of the smallest Steadman limitations.

21 pages. 5-1/4 by 7-3/4 inches.

Edition + Condition: First edition. A fine copy. Numbered 6 of 50 and signed by both Steadmans and Petro, unlike the regular numbered issue, in a cloth slipcase. It also has an original Steadman drawing inserted at the front, like the deluxe issue of 10 copies.

Publication: Tucson, AZ: Sylph Publications, 2002.

Item No: #306960

Price: $650.00