Port of Tacoma (cover title) / Takoma annai. Japanese Association of Tacoma, Takoma Nihonjinkai.
Port of Tacoma (cover title) / Takoma annai

Very Scarce Guide and Directory to Tacoma, Washington

Port of Tacoma (cover title) / Takoma annai

Notes: A very scarce book about the Japanese-American community in Tacoma, Washington, including a directory of residents.

This book was published to coincide with the visit of the Japanese Training Squadron, a group of naval vessels making an around-the-world voyage with stops in ports on the West Coast of the United States. It was a difficult time for Japanese immigrants. Harsh anti-Japanese laws passed by Congress and state legislatures put considerable pressure on existing communities and fueled White prejudice against them.

As a preface to this guide, the Japanese Association of Tacoma includes a page in English expressing appreciation for the support received from White Tacoma residents, citing "a spirit of brotherly love which we Japanese are unable to find anywhere else in the world." The preface goes on to offer a recent example of "two American born Japanese" nurses who were unable to find work in Seattle because they were Japanese, but who were hired on the basis of merit in Tacoma, where "their work has proved more than satisfactory."

[4], 86, [18 ad] pages.

OCLC: 1236127703 (Hoover Institute)

Edition + Condition: Rust stains on covers, else very good or better in wrappers.

Publication: Tacoma, WA: Japanese Association of Tacoma [Takoma Nihonjinkai], 1929.

Item No: #307844