677. Chinese Embassy, Niagara, N.Y. [Stereoview]. Charles Bierstadt.
677. Chinese Embassy, Niagara, N.Y. [Stereoview]

Chinese-American Scenic Diplomacy, 1868

677. Chinese Embassy, Niagara, N.Y. [Stereoview]

Notes: "One of the less common views of Niagara Falls"* showing members of the Chinese embassy in Washington, DC, on a narrow wooden bridge near Terrapin Tower. Six members of the Chinese delegation stand with three white men looking at the scenery. The Chinese embassy delegation reached the falls in the second week of August 1868 and stayed about 10 days.

The flat mount is pink on the back (verso) and orange on the front (recto). 6-3/4 by 3-1/4 inches. The photographs are curved at the top and are mounted on a pre-printed mount with a letterpress caption.

* See Stereo World, September/October 1990, which has this image on the cover.

Edition + Condition: A very good example.

Publication: Niagara Falls, NY: C. Bierstadt, Photography, [ca. 1868].

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