Item No: #308138 Japanese Americans in Hawaii: The Story Behind the Nisei Combat Teams. Cecil Hengy Coggins.

Japanese Americans in Hawaii: The Story Behind the Nisei Combat Teams

Notes: A reprint of an article from Harper's Magazine by a Navy doctor stationed in Hawaii who describes the response of the Japanese-American community to the attack on Pearl Harbor and to the internment of Japanese Americans on the West Coast. Coggins describes their efforts to demonstrate that they were loyal Americans, and he concludes with a report on the overwhelming number of Japanese Americans living in Hawaii who volunteered for the military.

The publisher of this reprint was an organization that sprouted up in 1942 to defend the constitutional rights of Japanese Americans and to fight the anti-Japanese prejudice of so many white Americans. This pamphlet includes a brief introduction opposing race prejudice and promoting the patriotism of Japanese Americans. The final page includes a listing of Japanese Americans from Pasadena who had enlisted or volunteered for military service.

[12] pages, including self-wrappers.

Edition + Condition: A very good copy; previous owner's name and phone number in pencil on the front cover.

Publication: Pasadena, CA: Pacific Coast Committee on American Principles and Fair Play, Pasadena Chapter, 1943.

Item No: #308138

Price: $300