Item No: #308145 Canned Foods Are Vital for Victory [Poster]. United States Government Office of Price Administration.

The Government Wants to Count Your Canned Goods

Canned Foods Are Vital for Victory [Poster]

Notes: A poster announcing the beginning of rationing during the Second World War, accompanied by a notice that consumers will need to report how much canned and bottled goods they have in their pantries. The poster concludes with the admonition, "Do not buy more than you need." (The short-term shortages at the beginning of the Covid shutdown in 2020 suggest the potential for economic disruption during the war).

Rationing and consumer price controls were key homefront efforts to manage the US economy.

14 by 20 inches.

Edition + Condition: A fine example; never folded. Ships flat. This is an original World War II poster, not a reproduction.

Publication: [Washington, DC?]: [U.S. Government Printing Office?], (ca. 1942?).

Item No: #308145

Price: $150