Meteorological Instruments [Presentation Binding]. W. E. Knowles Middleton.
Meteorological Instruments [Presentation Binding]
Meteorological Instruments [Presentation Binding]

Hand-bound Presentation Copy

Meteorological Instruments [Presentation Binding]

Notes: A history of the instruments used to determine the weather, including chapters on measuring atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind, sunshine, clouds, and attributes of the upper atmosphere. This is an early book by Knowles, who wrote a number of key books on the subject.

viii, 213 pages.

Edition + Condition: An uncommon presentation binding in half-leather with the recipient's name, A. H. Mears, stamped in gold on the front cover. A note inside from the author states, "I bound this for you myself." The book is also inscribed to Mears, "To A. H. Mears with the gratitude of the author." Mears was a physicist who worked for the instrument firm Leeds and Northrup and was an expert on altimetry. A nice association copy, attractively hand-bound by the author. Near fine.

Publication: Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1941.

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