[Wy-Ung-Ena (4146)] [Platinum Print]. Frank Hamilton Nowell.

Striking Inuit Portrait

[Wy-Ung-Ena (4146)] [Platinum Print]

Notes: Portrait of Wy-ung-ena, an Inuit (possibly Alutiiq) woman, smoking a pipe and surrounded by metal pots, probably taken in Port Douglas, Alaska.

Wy-ung-ena was a frequent subject for Nowell. One of his most widely reproduced images is a picture of Wy-ung-ena and her husband A-pa-look, and their child (neg. 4089). That image was taken at Cape Douglas, Alaska, and this image is likely from the same region. Nowell registered copyright on three other photographs of Wy-ung-ena, with negative numbers 4106, 4146 (this image), and 4147, and one of her and A-pa-look (neg. 4088). Nowell also copyrighted an image (not located) entitled "We are posing for two bits [25 cents]" suggesting how much he might have paid Wy-ung-ena to take her picture.

Nowell (1864–1960) worked in Nome, Alaska, from 1901 to 1909. In 1909, he moved his studio to Seattle. This image is not included in the online catalog of Nowell's work at the University of Washington.

Image: 7-1/2 by 9 inches, printed with a narrow border. Captioned "Wy-Ung-Ena" with a photographer's mark reading "Copyright 1905 by F. H. Nowell Nome" and "4146" in the negative. Unmounted but protected in an archival mat and held in place with clear photo corners. This is a platinum print on sepia paper.

Edition + Condition: The image is excellent, with strong contrast and great tonal range. The upper left corner has darkened somewhat and their are a few small insect spots in the upper left quadrant.

Publication: Nome, Alaska: F. H. Nowell, 1905.

Item No: #360839

Price: $1,350