Item No: #361569 Two Typed Notes, Signed. Carey McWilliams.

Two Typed Notes, Signed

Notes: The editor of the Nation responds to a reader who suggested articles on I. F. Stone and on the Sobel case (Morton Sobel was a Soviet spy during the Second World War; he was released from prison in 1969, two years after these letters were written).

Both notes are on Nation letterhead; one is a typical half-sheet piece of notepaper; the other is a pre-printed postcard. Letters from McWilliams are surprisingly uncommon.

McWilliams (1905–1980) was one of the best-known progressive journalists of his era. He wrote important books on Japanese Americans and migrant farm workers; he edited The Nation magazine for twenty years.

Edition + Condition: Both sheets nare ear fine. Both signed in full.

Publication: 1967.

Item No: #361569

Price: $150