Item No: #362430 Pax Britannica: A Hellish Peace, an Exhibition. Ralph Steadman.

Steadman Poster Inscribed to Vonnegut

Pax Britannica: A Hellish Peace, an Exhibition

Notes: A poster, designed by Ralph Steadman, promoting an exhibition of anti-war art at the Aquarium in London, from March 16 to April 17, 2004. The event was sponsored by the Stop the War Coalition.

Printed offset in black and red. 16-1/2 by 23-1/4 inches.

Edition + Condition: A fine example. This copy is inscribed in ink by Steadman to Kurt Vonnegut on December 31, 2003. Most likely, Steadman signed this at the request of Joe Petro III, who printed silkscreen posters for both Steadman and Vonnegut. He told your cataloguer that he had some items signed. Apparently, this one never made it to Vonnegut, and instead it went to a collector in Texas and from there to me, and next you!

Publication: London: United Posters, 2004.

Item No: #362430

Price: $500

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