Item No: #362440 [Zap 13 Cover Proof Limited Edition]. Victor Moscoso.
[Zap 13 Cover Proof Limited Edition]

Zap Poster Signed by Moscoso

[Zap 13 Cover Proof Limited Edition]

Notes: An uncut offset lithograph proof of the cover art for Zap 13, printed on sheet-fed press on medium weight paper. The magazine cover is printed two-up (two copies on one sheet), with a blank back.

The image is a tribute to psychedelic poster designer and Zap contributor Rick Griffin, who had recently died. The image shows a figure surfing a wave on a fountain pen with a flying eyeball surfing alongside on a pencil. Griffin designed the famous flying-eyeball poster for a Jimi Hendrix concert, which is one of the two or three best 1960s posters. Moscoso also designed posters for Bill Graham concerts.

19 by 25 inches. With registration marks. Inscribed along the bottom by Moscoso, "5.17.94 1st edition of 500 Moscoso."

Edition + Condition: A fine (near mint) example of this tribute poster. Signed by Moscoso, as issued.

Publication: 1994.

Item No: #362440