Item No: #362568 Electeurs, electrices. Surrealism.
Electeurs, electrices

Surrealist Election Poster

Electeurs, electrices

Notes: A French election poster from ca. 1951 with a connection to the Surrealists from three printed emblems reading "Bulletin NOIR Les Surealistes." Your cataloger's knowledge of French and French politics after the Second World War is not sufficient to offer an analysis of the poster. One suspects it (mostly) means the opposite of what it says or that it is a sort of word salad of election-style statements without meaning, but draw your own conclusions:

Pas de paix! Car la voie est ouverte à l'orgueil, la cupidité, la violence et le mensonge [No peace! Because the way is open to pride, greed, violence and lies].

Écartez le candidat qui préconise la lutte de classe. L'amour seul est constructif! [Reject the candidate who advocates class struggle. Love alone is constructive!]

Published as a supplement to l'homme nouveau, no. 97.

17-3/16 by 23-3/4 inches.

Edition + Condition: Good only, apparently removed from a wall, with some loss to the margins, repaired with infill paper. Linenbacked.

Publication: Paris: Pour l'Unite, 1952.

Item No: #362568

Price: $500