Item No: #362632 AARA News and Views, November 1972 with related ephemera. African-American Repatriation Association.

1970s Back-to-Africa Movement

AARA News and Views, November 1972 with related ephemera

Notes: A late example of a Back-to-Africa movement organization. Materials from the African-American Repatriation Association are rather scarce. It may have been a mostly-regional association, but it had some juice. They convinced Representative Robert Nix of Philadelphia to introduce a bill calling for the Repatriation of Americans of African Descent into two consecutive sessions of Congress (as HR 5250 and then HR 8965). They also received a donation of 300 acres of land in Nigeria to set up an African-American colony.

This group of materials includes:

1) AARA News and Views (November 1972). 9 page newsletter;
2) Congressional Action (double-sided flyer) about HR 8965;
3) Sample letter calling asking President Richard Nixon to support HR 8965;
4) Blank petition for support of HR 8965;
5) Retroactive Pay for Slave Labor Rendered by Africans in America (double-sided flyer calling for reparations).

Edition + Condition: Some sheets toned but all generally near fine or better.

Publication: Philadelphia: African-American Repatriation Association, 1970–1972.

Item No: #362632