Item No: #362819 Short Typed Letter Signed (TLS). Jack London.

"A Man Who Is a Man"

Short Typed Letter Signed (TLS)

Notes: A wonderful short letter from Jack London to Messrs. Barse & Hopkins, the publishers of a collection of Alaska poems by Sam Dunham. The letter, dated June 21, 1913, a few weeks after Dunham's book was published, reads:

"I have just finished reading my good friend Sam Dunham's THE MEN WHO BLAZE THE TRAIL. Sam certainly knows the Great Northland from the grass-roots up and from the aurora borealis down through all the frozen muck to the uttermost bedrock. I swear by his poems; and I love them for the words of a man who is a man and who knows the work of men." London signed his name in full, added one word in ink and underlined the first appearance of "man."

The letter is typed on an 8-3/8 by 10-7/8 inch sheet of onion skin paper watermarked "Agawam Bond", with London's name and address (Glen Ellen) added at the top using an ink stamp. This letter was selected for inclusion in the Letters of Jack London, edited by Earle Labor, where it appears on page 1197.

Edition + Condition: Letter folded for mailing with a short split at one edge of the center fold and a small chip missing from one corner.

Publication: Glen Ellen, CA: 1913.

Item No: #362819

Price: $850