Item No: #6 Thar's Ships and Planes in Them Thar Hills. Let's Go Get 'Em!

WWII Poster Promoting Lumber Production

Thar's Ships and Planes in Them Thar Hills. Let's Go Get 'Em!

Notes: A terrific and dramatic home front propaganda poster encouraging lumber production published by a lobbying group of the National Lumber Manufacturers Association (now the National Forest Products Association). The poster depicts Uncle Sam, illustrated in a wood-cut style, holding an ax and pointing toward forested mountains.

An article in the Southern Lumberman (1942) announcing the poster series, explained the message the timber industry wanted to convey: "Washington war agencies are gradually--but surely--becoming convinced of the fact that trees must be felled and sawmills kept constantly at peak production if the part to be played in the war program by the lumber and timber products industry is not to be seriously retarded." The article also noted that the industry had secured draft deferments for men working in critical jobs.

Roughly 22 by 28.25 inches. Offset lithograph printed in red and green.

Very scarce and little known.

Edition + Condition: Upper left corner creased, else a fine example mounted on linen.

Publication: Washington, DC: Lumber and Timber Products War Committee, [1942].

Item No: #6

Price: $750