Item No: #9180 Interstate Dreams [Dedication Copy and Typescript]. Neal Jr Barrett.
Interstate Dreams [Dedication Copy and Typescript]
Interstate Dreams [Dedication Copy and Typescript]
Interstate Dreams [Dedication Copy and Typescript]
Interstate Dreams [Dedication Copy and Typescript]

Dedication Copy and Typescript

Interstate Dreams [Dedication Copy and Typescript]

Notes: Barrett's Interstate Dreams is a comic novel set in Austin, Texas, published in 1999 by Mojo Press. "Interstate Dreams (1999) – set like most of his best work in his native Texas – is a gritty, eyes-open fantasy about the condition of America at the end of its century."--Encylopedia of Science Fiction.

This group of items belonged to Tom Garner, a friend of Barrett's and a fellow member of the Manly Men Lunch Group (see Jesse Sublett, Never the Same Again, p. 284). The novel is dedicated, "For Tom Garner. It would be real hard to find a better friend. I don't guess I'll even try."

Included in this grouping are:

1) a photocopy of the typescript, inscribed "7/17/97. Tom—two copies went to my agent today. Yours is number 3. I thank you, again, for the priviledge--and fun--of being your friend!—Neal Barrett, Jr. the dedication copy, The typescript is 318 leaves and differs markedly from the published book, particularly in the final chapters, which show considerable revisions.

2) the dedication copy of the finished book, "For Tom—for all the great times—Thanks for being Tom. Neal Barrett, Jr."

3) a second copy inscribed to the dedicatee. Garner purchased this copy used at a Half-Price Books. Barrett inscribed this one, "For Tom—Have a great New Year, pal. Neal Barrett, Jr."

The three items are housed in a custom-made clamshell box.

Barrett (1929-2014), a fourth-generation Texan, is best known for his science fiction novels, but he wrote in a wide variety of genres under several pen names. He was a finalist for the Nebula, Hugo, and Locus awards and was named Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, in 2010.

Edition + Condition: A fine grouping.

Item No: #9180

Price: $1,250